No matter how rustic or basic your home, with a bit of attention to your bathrooms, your house will repay you for the effort


Bathrooms. Probably the most private place in a house, wouldn’t you agree? What other space serves as a safe haven, where we can remove our facade and not feel the need to BE anything but ourselves?

It’s a place where we should all be allowed to flee into a private vacuum away from overawing, omnipresent cacophonies of daily life. The word ‘restroom’ makes a lot of sense, don’t you think?

So it comes as no surprise that a  beautifully designed bathroom – clean, elegant, spacious and timeless –  makes most people’s heart beat a little bit faster.


No matter how rustic or basic your home, with a bit of attention to your bathrooms, your house will repay you for the effort.

If your budget allows, invest in good quality vanity units or cabinets that will endure a humid environment. Heavy woods, finished with waterproof paint or varnishes are the way to go. STYLE TIP: high gloss finishes transform a classic white piece of furniture into extravagant eye candy! As with most things, the ‘wow-effect’ lies in the details. Do your research and choose knobs and pulls that suit your style. If necessary, exchange those that come with the cabinet for ones that hit your taste. Large mirrors are equally pleasant to be around, especially if you are working within a small space. Not only are they practical, oversized mirrors also bring in a bit of modern touch and extend the room. A glamorous  dispaly cabinet, filled with all your beloved fragrances and cremes, adds a divine dressing-room feel. Absolutely covetable!

So with these basics covered, we are now breaking the grounds for more indulging interior choices.


Let’s start with the tiles! This is where your own creativity (or that of your styling expert) comes into play. Natural stones instantly convey a  luxurious yet warm atmosphere. Choose between Marble, Travertine or Terra Cotta if variations in colour and texture and an earthy feel are what your dreams are made of! Most bathrooms are designed with the more common glazed floor tiles. Invest in this option for a more uniform, monochrome look.

Don’t be shy to experiment with different patterns and shapes before deciding on the final look. Large format tiles as long as 1500mm are beautiful for a more continuous span of the floor. A herringbone pattern or subway tile on the other side can look stunning for a more classic Hamptons Style feel.

Whatever your choice, trial and error, before puddling the mortar!

Another desire for most is a free-standing bathtub! Romantic and chic at once, you probably can’t avoid putting one of those on your list to complete the Hamptons Style bathroom of your dreams!

My only tip here: do your research on the difference in quality of these trendy baths! Today, the most common material is acrylic, however, compare your options! The sturdier the tub, the more you’ll get out of it in the long run!


If you’ve got the basics covered and only plan on changing a few things, take a closer look at your overall decoration and accessories such as towels, lights, plants or candles. Remember to stick with one color palette. This is crucial as it will allow you to experiment with slight variations, yet still, keep a coherent and harmonious overall feeling. For a true Hamptons Style Bathroom look, choose white or off-white towels and bathmats. These are not only pleasing to look at but also easy to wash! Add a few pastel-colored eye-catchers to things like lotion bottles, tumblers or candles but keep it light and elegant. Less is more.

Lustres, and chandeliers as well as the occasional candle holder, will help you create a more dramatic, yet deluxe ambiance. Choose one or two, but be careful not to go overboard here!

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