I once read of an entrepreneur who found a balanced and happy life by capturing the holiday spirit within his everyday routine.  Now, you may wonder, what did he do? Truth is, I don’t remember. Oops… But what I took from it is this is: holidays, getaways, time well-spent, if that’s what keeps us happy, why do we limit them to just a fraction of our lives? Why do we work day in, day out, towards that long-craved holiday, for a few measly weeks per year, only to hop back on the hamster wheel and do it all again? Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every morning with a holiday mindset, stepping out of bed light-footed and still mastering our daily commitments?

Starting with your interior is an easy and convenient way to lift your spirit. Our bedrooms, they say, are the place where we make plans, rest and fill up on energy for a new day ahead. So what better place to start our little experiment here!

We put together 5 Beach Bedroom ideas that will turn your bedroom into a Hamptons-Style beach abode:


Start with a beach-inspired color palette. Anything from natural tones such as sand, grey, beige or light brown through to different shades of blue! Play around with patterns and textures too. Stripes, in combination with floral prints, create a beautiful contrast and add personality to your interior, as long as you stay within your chosen colors. Let your creativity go wild. Avoid primary tones such as red, yellow or green. These color tend to dominate and often feel out of place. Instead experiment with setting color accents with navy blue, warm orange or geranium pink. These hues feel much more in line with your overall goal of creating a nature-inspired haven.


Get crafty! Driftwood, shells, sand, plants, shrubs…you name it. Choose whichever prop suits your style and pimp it up. Different shells placed neatly in a glass jar and placed on top of your favorite dresser. A large driftwood stick serving as a coat hanger in the empty corner of your room. Tropical plants planted within an ample glass vase – check Pinterest for decor ideas. The choices are endless!


Natural materials add warmth to any interior. Wicker baskets are not only super practical but create a welcoming contrast to your white Hamptons-Style furniture. Rustic textures and rough surfaces, similar to what you would find in the natural environment of a wild beach, are the essence of any outdoor holiday experience. Bring those long beach walk memories home and get your hands on a few small baskets to store your lingerie or magazines. Invest in larger size pieces to keep anything from winter quilts to queued up laundry.


There is nothing worse than bad lightening. It’s a nightmare for any interior designer, in fact when asked what makes a beautiful room, most professionals have ‘good lighting’ on the top of their list! Indirect lighting, meaning floor lamps, bedside lamps or any other lighting sources that don’t come directly from the ceiling above is called ‘indirect lightening’. The beauty of these lamps lies in their subtlety. With winter around the corner, the last thing you want is waking up with a bright neon beam hitting your sleep-drenched face! Instead, starting your day with a soft, warm summer glow is a big win! Spend your dollars on any kind of lamp you fancy and squatter them around your room (3 or 4). When it comes down to the light bulb, choose a lower watt (warm white – soft white) globe, to create a gentle atmosphere and avoid hospital-climate inside your home.


This one really comes down to your personal preference. However, blinds often translate to a lighter, summer-feel look. If this is what you’re after, definitely go with white or off-white hardwood blinds instead of those nasty synthetic plastic types. They are slightly more pricey but oh my, so worth their money. Nothing beats the real thing. Waking up with a bit of sunlight streaming through each panel is priceless! Assuming you live near us, in the South of Australia, you might feel that curtains are keeping your house cosier and snuggly for winter. In which case, my suggestion is to choose natural fabrics over synthetic look-alikes. Again It makes such a difference. Heavy canvas or thicker linen with or without patterns, create a jovial environment and in which you can relax and detach yourself from the busy and fast-paced life outside.

Now it’s your turn! Take us with you and share your makeover on Instagram using #IWGHmakeover! Good luck! xx