Tips On Choosing Your Next Bookcase

First, assess your needs. Determine whether or not you have a massive book collection to store, a few reading materials with some artful accessories, a little of both, or maybe you just have some negative space on the wall you'd like to fill. Once you gauge what you want, it's time to go over key points for shopping for your new, multi-tasking bookcase.

1.) Size. Measure the space you are working with. That will help narrow down the size of bookcases to focus on in a sea of options. Be sure to measure shelf space if you choose a bookcase with fixed shelving. Factor in head room above the books as well. 

2.) Material. Bookcases will serve the purpose you are looking to solve regardless of material. However, material does play into how long a bookcase will last as well as how easy it is to move. Solid hardwoods and metals are an investment piece and will last you longer. On the flip side, they are much heavier and more cumbersome to move. Wood veneers and plywood are common materials used in bookcases, great choices for rustic or more traditional décor themes.

3.) Adjustable Shelves. Customize your storage and play around with different heights to suit your needs. Not all books and décor are created equal, so if you have varying sizes and want the freedom to change up your items, adjustable shelves might be the way to go. 

4.) Open Back Bookcases. Do you share a space or want to give the illusion of a larger room? An open back bookcase works well as a room divider, and it's accessible from the front and back. Open back bookcases can be placed anywhere, not just against a wall or in a corner. 

5.) On Display or Hidden Away. Consider a bookcase with doors and/or drawers to hide any unwanted clutter or items you don't want on display. Bookcases with doors are also known as bookcase cabinets. They have the added security of keeping contents concealed and dust-free. A display bookcase, or an open bookcase, is more common and not only stores your items but displays them also. If you have mementos, pictures, or art work that you love, a display bookcase is for you.

6.) Finish/Style. What looks good in one space may not suit another, so consider all finish options (even bold colors, if you so desire!). Have an open mind with style too. For instance, if your style is more on the modern side, you might be surprised to find that a rustic, weathered bookcase fits in perfectly.

7.) Bookcase Types. Choice is a beautiful thing. Read on to learn more about the different types of bookcases and find the perfect fit for your space and storage.