Welcome to our store, a boutique supplier of unique furniture and home décor that believes in the value of quality products being supported with the best customer service possible. Our dedicated team are on hand to make sure your expectations are met and that you ultimately enjoy the items you purchase. Items that inspire you to say “iwannagohome”….

We know the furniture business well and are more than just an online retailer. We have a dedicated in-house team that belong to the same company that imports our range of furniture on an exclusive basis. We work closely with our overseas factory to ensure the products we need in Australia are made to the quality standards our customers expect, the shipping lines to ensure we receive our stock on time, and our dedicated express carriers that complete the journey to your home.

Our business started 25 years ago when our co-founder left Melbourne to establish a life in South East Asia.

Having worked with the design and production team in the factory to export the range to Euopean markets, we quickly wanted to establish the range in Australia. And so began the process to relocate back to Melbourne in 2013 and start importing and supplying the Halifax range of furniture to Australian households.

Since then, we have shared our passion of home décor, inspired by the Hamptons, with so many of our customers. This passion is being seen through ranges of hand made home accessories, which are being made by Indonesian artisans exclusively for our range of home accesories.

The team at iwannagohome are continuing the journey that we started, constantly evolving fresh ideas and carefully curating ranges of furniture and home décor.

We invite you to be part of our journey too ...




  • Design & Inspiration

    Our designs are inspired by creating functional and decorative interior furnishings for the contemporary household. Whether for single living or family life, our designs fulfill the needs of both. We strive to produce timeless and long-lasting products that enhance the quality of peace and comfort within your home. 

    Our creations combine classic lines with a contemporary edge to effortlessly blend into your living space, complimenting your unique style choices with ease and comfort. The simplicity of our designs evoke a natural elegance in all settings and reflect a craftsmanship infused with charm. 

    Initial designs begin with identifying a need or an augmentation and working out from there. Starting with a simple sketch, an approved design leads to a physical product sample. The sample is tested for functionality, durability and its visual appeal. Approved samples move  through to the manufacturing process, where each product is held to a sequence of quality control standards throughout its production.

  • Material Procurement

    All wood materials used in the production of our furniture are sourced from the island of Java, Indonesia. To comply with our ethical procurement policy, all hardwood materials are SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) certified. SVLK is an internationally recognized verification system that ensures the timber used in the production and export of wooden products is legally sourced from sustainable plantations; it is overseen by the department of forestry in Indonesia. 

    The rattan material used in the weaving of  our chairs and rattan accessories is carefully selected to ensure the aging of the material is as natural and pure as possible. We use two varieties of this renewable resource: kubu rattan, a thicker variety; and split rattan, a thinner and more malleable variety.

  • Carpentry

    The manufacturing of our products is considered to be a “semi-machine” process.  The majority of our furniture is built with a kiln-dried solid mahogany frame and composite wood (MDF) paneling. The wood is treated with a wood protectant before the kiln dry treatment. Following a standard design template, wooden materials are sawed and planed to the necessary thicknesses and lengths required for each component’s design using modern machinery. Components are then moulded and grooved according to their specifications. Jointing follows and upon completion, the components proceed to assembly. MDF components are primed with a coat of paint along their exterior surfaces prior to assembly. 

    As for our rattan products, the rattan is hand-woven around a solid wood frame. Depending on the intended color of the rattan, it is either treated before or after the weaving process. 

  • Assembly

    Our products are hand assembled by skilled craftsmen. The majority of our furniture is assembled through the mortise and tenon joinery technique, while our beds and drawers are joined through a french dovetail technique. 

    Small gaps at joints are left intentionally during assembly to allow for natural shrinkage and expansion of the wood materials. 

    The result is a fully assembled product, with the exception of hutch units, tables & beds, which require minimal assembly upon arrival to your business or home. 

  • Finishing

    Upon assembly, the product is cleaned to remove excess glue or debris then it is sanded with a hand-held machine and lastly by hand with fine sandpaper. During the finishing process, the surfaces of the products are painted and/or stained and distressed based on their intended collection’s design. After the finish has been applied, the products air dry over the course of two to three days in a designated clean and well-ventilated area of the facility to allow for optimal drying conditions.

    Our materials are carefully selected and combined in our designs to produce a long lasting durable product to be enjoyed for years to come. As such the finish may appear slightly different depending on the natural characteristics of the underlying materials surface and orientation. While all surfaces have some degree of finishing to increase the products’ resistance to moisture, only the visible and usable surfaces of the product are finished to the agreed quality control standard. 

    All of our products are hand finished by skilled craftsmen. This personal touch, combined with the natural characteristics of the materials used, creates a unique product that is truly one of a kind. Slight variations in finish are to be expected, and are not considered product defects.

  • Quality Control 

    Quality inspection and assessment is performed throughout each phase of the production process. At the final step before packaging, the finished product is compared to a previously approved master sample to ensure visual and functional compliance. If an item fails to conform to the quality standards, it is returned to the respective preceding step in the process to be modified then checked again until it passes the quality control. 

    The assessment procedure includes measuring the dimensions of each product, verifying the moisture content level is within the appropriate range, checking product balance and stability on a level surface, testing functionality of all moving components and respective hardware, checking the finishing of each product in natural daylight, ensuring the proper application of any safety labels (if necessary), ensuring the inclusion of anti-tip kits (if necessary), ensuring the inclusion of required hardware for assembly and the assembly instructions, and finally the product warranty, disclaimer and care instructions.

    Additionally, each year the paint products used in our finishes are subject to a 3rd party quality control assessment, completed by PT TUV Rheinland, a private organization in the field of testing, inspecting and certification services and a member of TUV Rheinland Group headquartered in Cologne, Germany. 

    Our products do not require California Proposition 65 warning labels. For more information, go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov/.

  • Packaging

    After successfully passing the product conformity quality check, the product is ready for packing. Product surfaces are lined with foam wrap and secured with tape. All corners and edges are protected with contoured styrofoam bricks and taped in place. Doors and drawers are foam wrapped, closed and secured with styrofoam or cardboard to prevent them from opening during transport. Finally, the units are carefully placed and immobilized in their custom-sized triple craft overlapping carton boxes, which identify their orientation for proper handling. Silica gel sachets are included in each box to control moisture levels.

    Our team will run final checks on the packed product and packaging to ensure items are protected from potential abrasion and damage that can occur during transport. This check also includes ensuring the box label matches the item and quantity of the boxes contents, and if necessary that any additional shipping instructions are clearly labelled (e.g. box 1 of 2). 

  • Shipment & Storage

    When a product order is received, the warehouse staff prepare the shipment, which can involve palletizing, strapping & stretch wrapping. The order is then transferred to the delivery agent to be shipped to the customer’s business or home.