As the Australian summer slowly bids us farewell, we wanted to share a few tips and tricks to transform your living area into a Hamptons-Style retreat for those shorter, grey days ahead.

Now, if you follow us on Facebook and Instagram (if not, get over there! ), you may already have a good understanding of that beach-house feeling. However, let’s start at the top with some easy-to-follow advice for hampton style interior decorating ideas!

The goal is a space that comforts and soothes your everyday life. A place of summer holiday memories, where you can just retreat and let your soul dangle.

Monochrome is the key here – in furniture, walls and accessories. Clean, consistent colours provide a calming and positive space. Paint your walls in lighter colours. We’re obsessed with off-white tones rather than stark white, which can feel cold and lifeless. Anything from a slightly grey nuance to a more yellow tone works well to create a blank canvas and a subtle but beautiful contrast to your clean white Hamptons-Style furniture.


And this leads us to our next point: classic Hamptons-Style wares are known for their romantic, elegant shapes and soft finishings. Of course, you can find many variations these days, the trend in coastal-style furniture just keeps growing. But nothing beats the original – crown moulding, shake-style doors or wainscoting details are a few examples of the subtle character you’ll find in any true Hamptons-Style piece.


Invest in one or two larger items, such as bookcases or cabinets, and build the rest of your room around these centrepieces. Next, it’s time to de-clutter and remove any dark or overly bright coloured accessories. Get your hands on some natural linen and throw it over everything! Use that shabby old couch and get creative – cover it with striped blankets or cushions, and randomly place a driftwood mobile or rattan baskets around the room. Stock up on candles and dredge up your seashell collection to display in a simple cylinder-glass vase. Source artworks, inspired by the ocean and beach lifestyle, frame them and add them to the mix.


Lastly, don’t forget to sign up to a weekly flower delivery from your local florist. A beautifully assembled bunch of peonies, hydrangeas or tulips will change everything!

Now, it’s over to you! We would love to see what you come up with. Simply use #IWGHmakeover to grant us a sneak peek! 

Good luck!