Pick up some handy tips on styling your Hamptons Buffet and Hutch


The Halifax Buffet and Hutch is one of my favourite furniture pieces from IWGH. It’s versatile, offers heaps of storage space and a beautiful classic design. It can be used in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and even office space! But, do you struggle with ideas on how to style your buffet and hutch? Don’t worry most people do! So here I have gathered 5 tricks to style your Hutch like a pro and steal the looks of your guests.



1. Select your elements

Start by picking a theme of what you’d like to display. A few examples could be country, coastal, or even special occasions like Christmas or Easter. Pick a few things of different heights, shapes and textures, but remember: less is more. We don’t want to over stack it.


2. Layers

Start from the back of the Hutch and forward. A decorative dish standing in the back with a few décor pieces in front of it would look beautiful.



3. Heights and shapes

Tall and short, round and square, and preferably in odd number arrangements, mix different heights.  You can place a photo frame, with a short homeware, and a round candle together, and keep making small groups like this; it will help you create a less structured styled piece.


4. Repeat elements diagonally

Pick the top shelf for books and then place a few more books on a lower shelf opposite to this one. It will create an interesting and dynamic arrangement.



5. Mix textures

Choose a main neutral colour (like white or crème) and incorporate an accent colour here and there. Try mixing textures like shiny ceramic, clear glass, matte, and even natural flowers or leaves.


This hutch was decorated by our Director, Tatiana. In this video she incorporates some accessories that can also be found on this website. (Watch video)


We would love to see your personal style. Happy styling!