Quality wood furniture can last a lifetime and is sometimes a treasured heirloom, passed down through multiple generations. Still, even the best possible quality wood is liable to scratches and abrasions if not properly cared for. When shopping furniture, it’s always an honest idea to lift specific cleaning and care instructions. For furnishings already in your home, here are some tips, we would like to share from our side for the wood to stay at its best for several generations together.

Never mistreat your furniture

To avoid rings and damages, always use coasters when setting glasses or mugs on wood tables, and never place hot food directly on them without the protection of a trivet or potholder. Incorporate decorative placemats or a tablecloth to safeguard your dining room table from food and drink spills.


Try to avoid environmental damage

On your fine wood, if you expose it to a lot of sunlight and heat it can wreak havoc. Never place valuable furniture before uncovered windows, vents or fireplaces, because the sunshine and heat can damage and fade the wood.

Clean and dust often

This is the best way to care for your furniture. A filmy layer of airborne particles on wood scratches the surface. Frequent dusting keeps this buildup from happening.
Always use soft cloth like cotton T-shirts, soft cloth microfiber to avoid damage.

Keep your wood clean

Sometimes it is necessary to scrub your wood furniture as dusting alone is not enough. Never use strong cleaners, which can damage the final finish. If you have a spot that's heavily soiled or sticky, dip a cloth in water that contains a mild dish detergent. Wring it out the utmost amount as possible and gently wipe the wood. Rinse with a damp cloth containing just water, then immediately wipe with a soft dry cloth.


Protect Your Wood with good polish.

Most commercial polishes and sprays contain either petroleum or silicone oil for a fresh and glossy finish, don't use an excessive amount of product, because it can cause buildup that mixes with dirt to form a dull, sticky film. Always certify to buff well when using products to avoid this buildup, and never use these products with a wax protectant because the mixture will end in another mess.

Treat wear and tear with care

Even with the foremost effective care, wood furniture can sustain injuries. For minor nicks and scratches use liquid polish which hides abrasions, restoring the wood’s inherent beauty.

Re-oil dry wood

If furniture has been stored and becomes overly dry, you'll must re-oil it. Clean it with the appropriate cleaner.

Re-wax your furniture

Most of the  furniture may have a wax protective coating. As these pieces age it is necessary to re-wax the surface for continued protection.


Keep wood smelling fresh

Sometimes old furniture pieces will develop an unpleasant smell, especially if they’ve been stored. You can sprinkle the surface with sodium carbonate to freshen it up.

Remove tough stains 

Sometimes  your beautiful wood furniture gets stained despite your best efforts regardless of what quite stain you have, certify to clean it as quickly as possible — the longer it sits, the harder it'll be to eliminate it.


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