Plans to set up your house and planning about your future kitchenette, breakfast nook, or small dining room, then for sure think beyond food. A small, cozy table in the kitchen can create space for moments throughout the day. A perfect place to begin the day with a newspaper and coffee, a place for the kids to do homework while you make dinner or a setting for an intimate dinner for two. A big punch can be created when planned properly and you can make the most of your space for many years to come.


Always remember your kitchen doesn't have to be the largest room in your house to look great and function the way you need it to. To make your space look brighter use white all over. If you want your kitchen to look large then choose the color white. It makes small spaces more open and wide and it captures light and makes it look clean.

You can always plan a contrast color to make kitchen cabinets stand out. Contrasts always draw attention. Open shelves cabinets are also the perfect choice!


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