A neatly designed coat hanger unit always steals the show on the entryway!

After all, coat hangers are the first sight someone can spot when entering homes. Coat hangers handle all the organisation issues of things of this particular area. We tend to plan every detail of our homes to perfection, but sometimes miss out on these tiny spaces that create wonders for us all.

A classy looking coat hanger unit can transform your daily routine, keeping gear accessible and entryway organised and tidy in all aspects.


Give your entryway a dose of personality with our Halifax designs to keep entryway clutters at bay with this attractive bench and coat rack combos. Our product for the day is the Halifax coat hanger unit with baskets which is a cleverly designed shelf, in place above the flared crown molding, tops the unit and offers an unexpected display opportunity

Some would ask us, why not standard drawers for the coat hanger? Well, designs speak a thousand words by itself. Handwoven rattan baskets are a picturesque alternative to drawers, and add a rustic, charming flavour.

Check out some of the designs of this beautifully crafted product from the I wanna go homeline-up…

  • The materials and processes involved in the creation of our handcrafted furnishings create a level of quality and uniqueness that can be appreciated in each individual Halifax coat hanger unit.
  • The beauty of the designing process
    The beauty and individual variations in the natural materials used, paired with the hand applications of our finishing techniques, create a warmth and comfort that cannot be replicated by machines.
  • Curated material selection - our materials for the coat hanger unit are carefully selected and combined in our designs to produce a long lasting durable product to be enjoyed for years to come. As such the finish may appear slightly different depending on the natural characteristics of the underlying materials surface.
  • Embracing natural materials - we embrace the natural properties of the materials used. Each piece of wood is completely unique due to its grain, colour, and texture, and cannot be replicated. The finish will show the unique and natural textures of the underlying materials. To accommodate the natural shrinkage and expansion properties of the wood materials, small gaps at joints are left intentionally during assembly & finishing.

  • Individual craftsmanship - all of our products are hand finished by skilled craftsmen. This personal touch, combined with the natural characteristics of the materials used, creates a unique product that is truly one of a kind. Slight variations in finish are to be expected, and are not considered product defects.

  • Fully assembled product - this product ships fully assembled so you can enjoy it as soon as it arrives at your home. 

  • Classic White Finish - A full coverage, five layer semi-gloss painted finish sealed with a durable top coat. The texture of the Classic White gently defines the underlying material, on natural wood materials such as mahogany and may result in a lightly distressed effect. This luminous white is versatile enough to be featured on its own, or combined with components in either of the Black or Brown finishes from the Contrast and Accent Collections.

  • Antique Brass Hardware - Antique brass is our hardware of choice used to support the look and function of all our designs. This includes cup pull handles, round door knobs and hooks.

  • Certified ethically-sourced timber and materials that have been tested to comply with international standards.

  • The design consists of 5 hooks

  • 1 seat cushion is included

  • 2 external shelving compartments

  • 2 kubu rattan baskets included

  • Fully assembled

  • 1 year product warranty comes along with your coat hanger


We put together this expert’s guide for the best bookcases you plan to purchase. Giving you ideas for your homes was our message to convey today and we believe we have delivered it right.

The designs that we choose for our home furniture, play a vital role
in defining a lot of things. So, choose wisely! 


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