Each piece of furniture incorporates a story and a supporting role in your life.

Maintaining furniture could be a task but an especially rewarding one. Today in this blog, we wish to send out a few tips that you simply could use to keep your wooden furniture last long.

We all agree on this; wooden furniture adds a class to your home. Any wooden piece gives all the attention guaranteed. We must give it routine maintenance, extra care and attention to cleaning. Here are some valuable tips that might facilitate the maintenance of your furniture better.


Always keep the dust off

A sparkling piece of furniture looks beautiful and dusting helps in doing so. Ensure you employ a soft, dry fabric to wipe any dust off. There's nothing like cleaning your sofas, tables regularly.

Less exposure to sunlight to increase wood life and shine

Do not expose your wooden furniture to sunlight for a protracted time. It ends up in bright and dark spots which are termed ‘spotting’. Take care of the temperature and use a tablecloth on your wooden table. For better maintenance, avoid using extremely hot and cold objects on wooden furniture. An impression is usually left behind and damages the initial texture.

Let it age with grace

Furniture ages with time and you wish to let it age gracefully. Some wood may lighten and a few may darken with the passage of your time. Be mindful of aging habits after you buy any wooden furniture.

Kitchen Buffet

Keep sharp objects away

A scratch never looks good on any furniture so you must be very careful about not letting sharp objects too near wooden furniture pieces.

Regularly oil and wax your furniture

Oiling and waxing wood are extremely recommended since it gives it a shiny varnish to that. It acts like a coating on the surface, a protective layer thereby enlivening its appearance.

Warm water for cleaning your furniture

You should use warm water and mild dish soap to wash furniture. Use caution to not soak it for extended time periods. Clean it until the dust wears off. Wipe off the moisture with a cloth later.


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